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Date Published: 13 Aug, 2019

Further to the announcement made on 13/07/2020 outlining tax reliefs available under the State Covid-19 mitigation strategy, you are required to adhere to the following:

Form A (Personal Income Tax Return)
Deferral of filling dates; Waivers:
a.    Please ensure returns made between (31st March 2020) and (31st July 2020) are not to be charged late filing (interest) and (penalties).
b.    All individual tax payers including self-employed persons are hereby given up to 30th July, 2020 to file their returns. Furthermore, any liability arising from interest or penalty on the extended compliance due date of filling the tax returns is hereby waivered.
c.    The State hereby waives 50% off on all accruing interest and penalty on all tax liabilities established on corporate bodies in the State.
d.    Returns received after (31st July 2020) will be subjected to late of filing penalties and interest from the (1st August 2020) to the date filed/returned.
Deferral of the implementation of the reviewed Rates, Fees, Fine, and Levies.  
a.    Please do not collect or threaten to collect the afore mention with the new rates that, you should continue with the old tariffs between (1st August 2020) - (30th September 2021). 

Alh. Iliyasu Arzika FCTI
Executive Chairman