• Monday 27th May, 2024

Who We Are .....

Section 85A of the Personal Income Tax Decree of 1993 as amended by the Finance (Miscellaneous Tax Provision) Decree No. 2 of 1996 enabled the Government of Kebbi State to establish the Internal Revenue Service Kebbi State in the year 1991, as an offshot of the Sokoto State Board of Internal Revenue.

What we do ......

According to section 85B (1) the main functions of the State Internal Revenue Service are as follows:

  1. Ensuring the effectiveness and optimum collection of all Taxes and penalties due to the State Government of Kebbi State under the relevant Laws (Federal and State);
  2. Doing all such things as many be deemed necessary and expedient for the assessment and collection of the tax and shall account for all amount so collected in a manner to be prescribed by the commissioner of Finance; 
  3. Making recommendations, where appropriate to the Joint Tax Board on tax policy, tax reform, tax legislation, tax treaties and exemption as may be required from time to time;
  4. General Hiring, developing and Firing of staff of the Board as deemed necessary.

Our Members